Supra_X solder-less connector
Supra_X solder-less connector
Supra_X solder-less connector

Supra_X solder-less connector

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RME 5810 pro S.T. Solderless connetors! 

Absolutely! Solder-less connection.

RCProPlus has continued to push the connection industry to the limits by providing incredibly high quality, forward thinking, and unique connection designs for all types of RC applications. The solder-less connectors are built with the ability to install the connectors to each application in minutes. With the bare wires exposed, wrap with provided copper tape, and insert. They are inserted into a unique aluminum allow housing that features an incredibly low impedance level, and finally a sleek plastic protective housing that RCProPlus is known for.  

The RME 5810 Pro S.T. connections reduce both motor and operating temperatures due to the incredibly low impedance design.  


  • Use with motor to ESC connections
  • Low impedance alloy connection housing
  • Low impedance copper tape
  • Set Screws for securing motor & ESC wires
  • No soldering required!

Peak Current: 200A  
Continue Current: 160A  
Applicable Wire: 10-14AWG 

Sold as a set of 6 (six connectors, housings, and hardware)